Saturday, December 12, 2015

12 Simple Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Halle Berry applies red lipstick and promptly wipes it off for a natural look. The stain of the bright color with a bit of clear gloss over the top gives you your lips, but better.
Moisturize with olive oil instead of chemical-filled creams. Emma Stone claims that being “allergic to everything” led her to this conclusion and has the skin to make us want to swear by it too.
Slather conditioner in your hair before bed, tie it in a top knot and cover with a shower cap. Rinse when you wake up for soft and shiny hair. Eva Mendes says this is the secret behind her luscious locks.
Don’t blow dry your hair in the steamy bathroom you just showered in. Lauren Conrad explains that the excess humidity will only lead to frizzier hair.

After applying a bright lipstick shade, gently lay a tissue over your lips and blot with translucent powder before applying a second coat. Taylor Swift’s makeup artists use this trick to ensure that her lipstick lasts for an entire show.
Cut your fake eyelash strip into four pieces. RuPaul guarantees that this makes applying falsies easier for beginners and experts alike.
Audrey Hepburn’s secret for gorgeous hair? Kids. She claimed that letting a child “run his or her fingers through it once a day” was the key to her effortlessly chic ‘do.
Hungover? Tired? Candice Swanepoel swears by using a light shimmery eyeliner on your waterline and your inner corners to make your eyes pop.

Cameron Diaz confesses that the keys to her ageless beauty are regular exercise, abundant laughter, a good amount of water and a whole lot of sex. How could you go wrong?!
Don’t have an eyelash curler or afraid of using one? No problem! Miranda Kerr heats up a spoon with a blow dryer or hot water and presses her lashes against it for the same effect.
Moisturize your eyelids prior to creating a smoky eye for effortless smudging. Ellen Pompeo uses this trick for that “maybe I just rolled out of bed” look.
While I’m not a celebrity in any sense of the word, I do have a beauty tip I’d love to share. place a piece of clear tape from the corner of your eye to the end of your brow for more defined makeup looks. This prevents fallout from shadows and helps give you a precise winged liner. As the under eye area can be very delicate, stick the tape on the back of your hand a few times first so it’s not too harshly stuck to your skin.


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