Sunday, December 20, 2015

Model Beauty Secrets

Model Beauty SecretsThere’s nothing more irritating than ingrown hair, especially if it’s in your sensitive or intimate body part.  It can be itchy, sore and awkward in all the wrong places.  Nothing’s worse than feeling that itch at a dinner party, while the guest of honor is speaking and looking straight at you when you want nothing more than to be in the privacy of your bathroom, scratching  away like there’s no tomorrow to make it all better.The solutions to ingrown hair problem lies on various methods from easy treatments and professional service to simple, no-fuss prevention.The Right ShaveFor most people, ingrown hair stems from improper or incorrect shaving technique.  Now, if you run the razor near the hair it’ll shave some off and it’s very hard to get that part wrong, but there is a way to minimize the damage it can cause.
Aiming for a close and ultra-clean shave might actually cause the problem.  Instead, shave along the hair, not against and most definitely, not across.  Doing this is almost as bad as shaving the same spot repeatedly.Throw Away The TightiesFor those who enjoy tight clothing, here’s some bad news.  Tight clothes are not only uncomfortable and very restricting, it can also cause ingrown hair problems.  Can’t believe it? Here’s a logical explanation to convince you -  if your hair isn’t compressed against your body most of the time, the chances of getting an ingrown hair drop.  This is especially true if you happen to be post bikini wax.  Squeezing your privates with a tight pair might give you an infection. So why not don comfy, loose clothing once in a while to give your skin some breathing space especially if you’ve just had a goodbye-hair day of waxing or shaving.Clean-Up Crew:  If the Damage is Already DoneIf you’re already suffering from ingrown hairs, well, tough. Don’t lose heart though because there’s still something you can do about it. You can apply a warm or heated moist towel on the trouble area to steam it.  After doing so, exfoliate the skin using a loofah, a soft cloth or a mild body scrub.  This will usually expose the offending hair, allowing you to shave it better. Just make sure that you don’t scrub too hard as it might cause ungodly reactions such as skin reddening, rash, irritation and even skin darkening in the long run. Go easy on the loofah action.A bit of a worse case might demand the help of a friend or an accomplice.  Some ingrown hairs start out deep in the skin, making them difficult to spot.  For this situation, plucking is the answer. You’ll need needle-nosed tweezers as your weapon against ingrown hair. Make sure first that the tweezers are properly sterilized to avoid bacterial infection especially if you have sensitive skin. You need to pull out the offending hair one by one. Expect that this can be difficult especially if you’re all shaky and sweaty but it’s one of the more convenient methods. After finishing an area, it’s a good idea to cleanse the spot again and then proceed to shave it if you still aim for a smoother finish.A needle is a perfectly workable substitute, though one that demands more finesse. Standard tweezers are out of the question however. They can cause more damage than you think as they can painfully pinch the skin as you’re attempting to pull out the stubborn ingrown hair.Protect YourselfFor some people it’s not a matter of proper shaving habits or the like, but a matter of genetics. It ain’t their fault their DNA make-up includes “hairy” on the list. It is advisable to apply a healthy amount of anti-septic to the area after shaving to further control their ingrown hairs.There are more solutions to the ingrown hair situation such as specific treatments like laser that target hair removal and buffering ingrown hairs, particularly helpful for those who don’t have the manual dexterity to finagle the hair out of its hidey hole or those who lack in patience and perseverance. Ingrown hairs can be real stubborn, mind you. They stick it out for the long haul and they’ll never go away unless you do something about it.If none of the DIY methods work or if it begins to hurt far too much, don’t be afraid to see a dermatologist and get it checked out.  I’m 100% certain no woman in her right mind wants something infected anywhere near her bajingo.  It just ain’t right, honey.

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