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Choosing Naturopathy
What is naturopathy? This is a question most people ask me when I tell them that I am pursuing an education in Naturopathy or in short Natural Health. Surprisingly, so many people do not know what naturopathy is or if they heard of it, they think it's some strange phenomenon. The truth is, it is an up and coming trend, or practice in the health care industry, and some believe that there is a paradigm shift in the making. "A naturopathic doctor is trained in conventional medical disciplines as well as in alternative approaches.
They integrate this knowledge according to the principles that recognize the body's inherent ability to heal itself, the importance of prevention, and the possibility of therapeutic use of nutrition to promote health and fight disease."Naturopathic Principles:
 1) The healing power of nature  2) Treat the cause or the root of the illness  3) First do no harm  4) Doctor as Teacher    5) Treat the whole person.The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.'—Thomas Edison My fascination with naturopathy or many refer to it as alternative or natural health began when my youngest son was three years old and developed asthma. With a history of asthma in my family; 4 out of 7 family members have this illness (father and siblings). I was determined to do what ever necessary to improve my son's quality of life and to at least research other alternatives before deciding that conventional medicine be the final treatment. After his first episode of wheezing and severe asthma attack, we rushed him to the ER, he received several nebulizer treatments, steroids, sent home with antibiotics, and recommendations for ongoing prescriptions that could help to control the illness, etc. Over the next couple of years, there were more trips to the ER. I remember one particular trip was when we went on a family vacation and not more then a day later, rushed to the nearest emergency room. If you are a parent, you can only imagine what that is like. In my heart I felt that there was another option to inhalers, nebulizers, and steroids. I didn't want to see my son dependent on drugs and prescriptions for the rest of his life if there indeed was another option. Seeing what my family members have gone through majority of their life dependent on prescriptions, I was more then ever on a mission to seek an alternative. The drugs that he was on, caused several side effects, he appeared constantly lethargic, his heart would race so fast, from the treatments that he needed back to back. Did they help? Of course over time, but did he really have to go throught the rest of his life dealing with asthma and these negative side effects in an effort to feel better? We believe God's promises for health and healing. I knew He had a plan him, for good and not for evil, to give him a future and a hope. Perhaps I was lacking knowledge in this area and it was time I tapped into other resources that we hadn't yet discovered. We didn't get rid of his inhalers, or treatments, but while he was on these medications, I began to research 'asthma' cure naturally. I came across a wealth of information on prevention, how to treat the cause of the illness, and discovered various things that triggered the symptoms that were right within the four walls of our home; and to deal with the root of the illness as appose to just mask it with medication. At this time, we didn’t know anyone who was familiar with naturopathic health, nor did we know of any naturopathic doctors in the area; but we were eager to learn how to treat the cause of the illness in hopes of preventing asthma from triggering.I am thankful for medical intervention and if it weren't for some of the treatments, a few of these  asthma attacks may have been fatal.  I am not against conventional medicine, as those are options, and have saved may lives despite the negative side effects of some. For us, we didn't feel in our heart that this was the path that we wanted for our son, thus I continued researching, and began implementing many discoveries; simple things, like diet change, literrally emptying out our pantry, watching certain ingredients found in many of the foods that we were feeding him, as well as implement various preventative strategies like supplements that boost his immune system so that his lungs were strong enough to resist the symptoms. Over weeks, months, years the symptoms were few and fewer, and the use of the nebulizer became less and less. It has been nearly 5 years since he has had an asthma attack or a trip to the "ER". During this time, I also began researching other areas of healing for symptoms that I or other family members were experiencing, and again, found natural alternative health options that offered great solutions without the use of invasive drugs or prescriptions. Things that were right in my kitchen to heal a common cold, or the kid's pink eye. My passion began to increase towards naturopathic health, as a result of this experience, hence a year and half ago, I returned to college to study natural health and nutrition. I always follow the naturopathy's 5 principles above first. I also believe that natural health and conventional health is being integrated more today and even more so in the future as well as be widely accepted. I am excited about the new research and discoveries that are finally being revealed on behalf of the Naturopathic health industry and more people are learning about this practice, and not seeing it as such a strange phenomenon, but an alternative worth seeking. I believe in using wisdom and whatever health choices people make, that they must have a peace in their heart and feel confident in their decisions. For us, we were confident with our choice to follow the natural route. Through much research and faith in God we have overcome this horrible illness that afflicts so many people today and interrupts the quaility of life that God wants us to enjoy!  This blog is not intended in anyway encouraging anyone to change treatments, but is only an expression of personal research, interest, and experience. Please consult with your own physician.

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