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What are the skin care tips for men to get glowing skin?

There was a time when only women used to be cautious about their beauty and skin care. But today even men have become quite cautious about the fact.  They also wish to get a good skin with healthy glow. Even men’s skin can become dry and unattractive after sometime if proper care is not taken. For every man shaving is really important as the facial hair would always come even after shaving for 4 to 5 days. Thus, the process of shaving should never be discontinued.  Some of the tips to take care of your skin are as follows.
It may sound superficial but the fact remains unchanged – people do look at you and are inclined to judge you based on the way yo look. You might be filthy rich but if you don’t look good then you will be the talk of the town for all the negative reasons. Needless to state, it is important to look your best when you step out or have company. Contrary to the well liked conviction, skin care is not just for women! A man’s skin needs care and nourishment just as much as a women does.
Before you start with a skincare routine, you’d need to find out your skin kind: oily, normal/combination, dry, perceptive or sun- impaired. And once you’ve figured that out, you might desire to understand what products to choose, how to use them and furthermore how to double-check they don’t smell too floral/feminine.

Here are a couple of tips that will help you look your very best and of course make a lasting impression


Start by Cleansing

If you are too lazy to do any thing additional, cleansing your face is the foremost significant thing you can do. Seek for a good cleanser that your skin responds to, and stick with it. If possible stay away from soaps as they often leave your skin feeling dry. According to Rona Berg, in her book, “Beauty,” a French cosmetics boss one time told her, “Soap should only feel your skin from the neck down.” select a cream cleanser if you have dry skin or a clear cleanser if you have oily skin.  But remember not to overexert it.

Exfoliation is absolutely vital

In alignment to eliminate dead skin cells and tissue, exfoliation is a must. Moreover it stimulates circulation to add a healthy glow to your skin. A recent study reveals that one of the causes men’s skin looks more youthful than women’s is because men tend to exfoliate every day when they shave.


Celebrity Talk Show host Oprah Winfrey’s publication ‘O’ ran an item featuring interviews with peak skin care professionals and dermatologists. Every person claimed that sunscreen is the most important part of skincare regime. Sunscreen only works if you use it correctly. SPF 15 is a good start but apply it half an hour prior to stepping out of the house.
If you are to stay outside for longer, use SPF 30.

To shave or not to cut off

Hair growth in men is fairly normal. There’s no need to shave too often. But when you do, double-check to choose a good razor and a shave gel or cream that yields a close shave, kills bacteria, softens follicles and leaves the skin feeling glossy. Stop using any shaving products that comprise alcohol content and parabens as they tend to snatch off the the natural oils from the skin leaving it dry and sick.

Moisturize your skin

As men usually have oilier skin than women, they are inclined to wrinkle just much easily. A lightweight moisturizer and a nourishing cream can do wonders. If at all shaving irritates your skin, try moisturizing your skin after a shave & before going to bed. A good moisturizer encompasses vegetable oils that do not clog pores.
All said and done, remember that you need not spend lavishly on costly lotions and creams. And you don’t need to be concerned about carrying the mark of a metrosexual anymore. Taking care of skin is a good habit in itself. Take your first step towards it and experience the change.

Skin care tips for men

Consideration for shaving

If you don’t shave for a long time, dirt and dust will get accumulated within your hair roots which will also give rise to rashes, redness and formation of blisters. If you can shave on a regular basis, it will help your skin to stay hydrated and glowing. But, before you are going for shaving process, it will be important to plan the steps after which your shaving will be successful. Since the hair over your face is hard enough to get easily pulled away by razor, you must use warm water to wash the places where the hair has grown. This will make the hair soft and easy to pull out by razor. Warm water also helps opening the pores of your skin. The next step will be to apply a light layer of pres shaved cream. Mousse or gel can also be applied. Then you can carry on with shaving procedure.

Choice of right razor

Razor is the main article with the help of which shaving takes place. Now, it plays an important role while you are dealing with the process of shaving. Some people make wrong choice of razor and ends up with cuts and irritation at the time they are carrying on with shaving process. There are different types of razors in the market such as razor with single blade, double blade or triple blade. F you want to cut the hairs faster, go for razors with three blades. All individuals may not be able be comfortable with a particular type of razor. Rather, they will be comfortable with different types of razors. It is important to choose the razor with which you feel shaving is very comfortable.
Stay away from skin damage

In the want of making the process of shaving swifter, people end up with making their skin damage. Too much swift movement of razor will be really very harmful for your skin. Even when you are applying any type of creams over your face too quickly, this can end up with damage of your skin.  Thus, it is important to give enough time when you are shaving or applying cream over your face.

Day and night moisturizers

You also need to keep your skin moisturized all the time.  When you are getting ready for office after having your shower, apply such moisturizer as well as lotion over your face and body which is specially made for day. Again, during the day time, you might be exposed to sunlight. Thus, it will be better to apply the moisturizer that has sun protection factor. Even after coming back in the evening or before going to bed, you need to apply moisturizer to your face after a throughout wash and cleaning step.  Even if you have cuts or irritation due to the effect of shaving, this can be easily sorted out with regular use of moisturizers. It is better to have such products in the market that have Vitamin E, shea butter or other essential oils.

Glowing skin face pack

You must have ripe banana handy at home. You need to mash it and pour some curd over it. You also need to mix it well so that and apply it over your face. This natural facial must be applied over your face for 15 minutes and then wash it away. This will definitely bring glow over your face. Along with proper glow on your face, you will also get improvement of your skin texture ideally. You can also add honey to this pack to bring out wider glow.

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